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flags after the bolivian president's jet is diverted grounded and searched and latin american leaders kidnapping and humiliation. you does seem to do the bidding of the united states of america which infringes on national. labor country to be a colony of a greater power. raised over europe being nothing short of washington's puppet. changing of the guard celebrates as the former egyptian leaders fall from grace and . the standoff between the islamists and the army results in new clashes. right now you can see live pictures from tahrir square there in the egyptian
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capital where the opponents of morsi have gathered to celebrate the islamist president ousting our top stories. international news and comment on line on screen twenty four hours a day this. latin american countries a seething over the decision to ground and reportedly such a jet carrying the bolivian president over rumors whistleblower edward snowden was on board almost the entire continent rallying to bolivia's cause. the details. things are not looking so good for the diplomats european diplomats accredited in latin american countries some of them may actually be expelled in particular those working in believe the that will be more clear after the emergency summit of they
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want us to organization which unites most of the latin american countries which will be held on thursday some statements will be produced there but following this nightmare flight of ever more or less through europe last night we've seen an unprecedented solidarity from all that american countries on the matter they've all been very critical of what happened with the believing president now the president of argentina kristie that acacia said that this was the humiliation of the entire south american continent a joint statement coming from the colombian government stated that the airspace denial is an act of aggression and last but not least the president of venezuela nicolas maduro said this was a dangerous disproportionate and unacceptable aggression. europe is the main victim of america's economic policies europe is the main victim of america's espionage and yet it's precisely europe that's insulted one of the presidents of south america it's unprecedented what the spanish government has done we latin american citizens
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you're all slaves the slaves of that elite that kneels down before the cia before the u.s. empire no it's ridiculous. we've also received a reaction coming from the russian foreign ministry which was also far from her happy about how things pan out for the bolivian president so if you suck or somebody out there you are at peace with that as we showed you to the failure of european states to give permission to the aircraft of the bolivian president to fly through their airspace and is forced landing of this special flight in vienna the following should be noted the activities of france spain and portugal could hardly be regarded as friendly towards we live here as well as russia from where president mirrors was traveling after his visit to moscow moreover the refusal to grant the right to fly the aircraft could have endangered the safety of the passengers including the head of a sovereign state or europe received the lion's share of criticism for their
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actions in regards to the bolivian president where some latin american officials saying that despite europe is criticizing what edward snowden has actually revealed still that acted as a colony of washington but of course the united states have also been criticized on this matter because of reports that they may have had a hand in this particular incident in fact the united states never made secret that they contacted countries in europe about snowden possibly traveling through their territory and that she should be handed over to the united states authorities for charges and later trial so this story is definitely far from over we are anticipating this summit and believe that the emergency summit of all of us who were and what steps will be taking next and as long as edward snowden reportedly remains at moscow's sheremetyevo airport will be definitely seeing more crazy twists and turns to this saga international affairs and this prepares believes south america's anger at the u.s. and e.u. means snowden's chances for asylum are rising. do all sort get that what
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so what twenty four wow four hours before what happened to april what eyelets they were outraged in serious it were being spied up on in a base in frankfurt and out of a nato headquarters in moments outside of belts twenty four hours later they did what they did against evil without the leader of a small so some american nation and now they unite that sounds so meric i guessed the us and i guess this ridiculous but that dick role all the european puppets so this open source no than a possible target serves a siloed bit in south america well for more on europe's role in the scandal we cannot talk to dave lindorff he's editor of the online news site this can't be happening dave but it is vice president he's recently said that colonies are no
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longer in latin america they are in europe and respond to the us is that really fair. you know if you'd hear from the states i would say that that's a very apt description because it's quite astonishing to me to see how the leaders in europe germany and france and several other countries spoke out angrily at finding out that they were being spied on that their embassies were being spied on in washington that the e.u. off system subs in europe were being spied on and then all of a sudden they all flat out said first of all they would not grant asylum to snowden who led them to know all that and then they key have been on this flight that they thought was carrying snowden clearly that was the u.s. telling them to. me that's a shame we've just lost dave dave we think we just lost you there for a second it just froze that on that on the line but can i just quickly all skew
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from what you've just said could that not have been an intention for europe to get the hands on snowden rather than pressure coming from the us no i don't think this was generated in europe at all i think what was happening was the us probably told them about a plane that hit snowden and it didn't bother to tell them that it was a presidential flight you know it was actually like a lake air force one carrying the president it was an atrocious violation of diplomatic immunity to go after a presidential airplane and the truth is that president morales had every right to carry snowden if he wanted to that would not be have been grounds to have brought him down so why why do you think this change in sentiment the attitude from europe once again. washington against of course the i.v. allegations of the espionage and then of course looking as if it's complicit in
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helping to get that plane diverted but why why did that happen while i wrote a speculation a speculative piece yesterday that said you know that it appears that the us the n.s.a. has given the us a weapon more powerful than its nuclear nuclear weapons which is that they are spying on all the leaders in the in the e.u. and russia everywhere and they probably have dirt on every leader in europe and they're warning them that oh that they've got all this stuff it's the only explanation i can come up with to have leaders speaking out angrily and being spied on and then falling over immediately and abjectly to help catch this guy i said so you'll saying you've written about this so in effect what's being revealed everybody knew about this already tonight. you mean about the spying yes. no i think this is new and it was it really came out with that report in the
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spiegel jewish beagle that. the extent of spying on u.s. allies so. what right before the downing you know taking down of morale a strain just quote unquote on its approach if snowden was going to hop on a plane and maybe they could be quick aside and passage to one of those latin american countries one of the chance of that plane being diverted now just briefly well i think the u.s. is probably at the limit of what it can do you seeing how angry people are getting in south america you know this is the kind of thing that could topple governments in south america you know unlike in europe i think people in europe pursue jaded but in latin america this kind of interference by the u.s. and the indignity of what just happened is extremely politically powerful now and these are all democracies i think people in this latin america have really had it with this kind of abuse they've got to talk to dave lindorff that as of this can't
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be happening online news site life aeronautics thank you very much. the french interior minister has said that if edward snowden applied for diplomatic shelter in his country there's almost no chance he would get it this following the whistle blows revelations of the blatant u.s. spying on its european allies which sparked a wave of fury in the bloc including paris. explains what we see is actually a curious evolution of france's position over america's spying activity from an extreme outrage to an even more extreme tolerance and even support we all remember that france has become furious after it was revealed that america's intelligence services had been more natori in high ranking french and european union officials even abroad and also at home and then the angry at france's president has demanded washington to stop spine immediately and has even threatened to reconsider economic partnership with america and delay the talks over an ambitious project
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with america over the world's largest free trade zone america france and european countries have been working on for years to work. we cannot fix this kind of behavior between partners and allies but we ask that this immediately stop because they can be no negotiations or transactions in all areas until we have obtained these guarantees for from. all of the european union but what we saw next has the culture change in the country's position. clued in france have first agreed that the talks over the free trade zone should go on then later france has not allowed believers' presidents judge to enter its aspirates because an undesirable person adverse norden could also be on board of the same plane and that allegedly following america's request to do so so why we see this change in the position of france people here on the ground are saying that that's
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been an act of populism for from french president francois hollande his ratings are among the loyalists in the history of his presidency and of course he could plan to gain some points by saying exactly what his people what his electorate wanted him to say that only proves that france has not been able to go beyond words and it's a position is of america's behavior and will not actually openly spoil its relations with washington and actually instead of gaining some popularity here on the ground a french president has in the opposite end the public people say they are shamed with this ypocras see from their leader. commenting on europe's role in the scandal robert oulds the chair of the group policy think tank says that e.u. states haven't abandoned their colonial pasts when it comes to their relations with the u.s. senate fringe men and of self and see and and and abuse and of course you need to respect the independence of other nations and there they are via the european union
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does seem to do the bidding of the united states of america which shows that use not really independent in terms of its own foreign policy european union follows what america does it really does seem to accept american foreign policy goals rightly or wrongly but that's not an independent voice any but i and other countries within the european union under the common foreign and security policy so really it does mean that the cherished principle of a nation state having its own foreign policy is undermined and that then does leave a country to be be a colony of a greater political power which of course want contrary to democratic legitimacy. the leaks about the n.s.a.'s surveillance sparked massive outrage towards the obama administration not only in its major targets or europe but among the people of the u.s. to american citizens have taken to the streets all across the country in
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a nationwide protest against the snooping event was organized by a new online movement called restore the fourth it calls on the government to respect the fourth amendment in the bill of rights which protect citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures protests are taking place in all major cities well arty's marina porton are is keeping an eye all knows demonstrations. and you can log on to her twitter feed for the latest updates and pictures from the event. r.t. live here in moscow fourteen and a half minutes past the hour now coming up after the break as egypt celebrates the end of president morsy as rule we look at what this swift change of power could bring to the country and its people. wealthy british style. writers.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a show the day. the world couldn't. play its technology innovation called the list of elements from
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around russia we've got the future covered. continues here on r t want to day after a military coup toppled the egyptian president the country's new leaders showing very little mercy to mohammed morsi and those close to him well these are live pictures coming from carter's tart his square at the moment where anti morsy protest as it gathered to celebrate the end of islam this rule that was less than twenty four hours ago he can see cells of people still there not is paulus lear is joining us so paula tell us as i say almost twenty four hours now since the military stepped in what is going on there in the capital it looks like a very similar to seeing seeing to what we saw yesterday. the
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second it is similar to what we saw yesterday i have from twenty four hours after the press was overthrown in what was the brotherhood which is winning a military coup now as we zoom into the crowd to see that they are you sorry because you walked in cheers they were waving the egyptian flag they singing patriotic songs every so often a little fireworks in the sky and they keep aiming these green and laser beams of all the buildings around the house have a right to have government that they're washed and washed for good but these are not being repeated out of egypt you need to realize that this is a very divided society and bearing the brunt of this new interim military is first and foremost the muslim brotherhood there have been some three hundred everest warrants issued today for brotherhood members and amongst those who have been arrested on the government the leader of the muslim brotherhood and the current
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supreme guide and it's defeated we understand that many of them are have been detained the general prosecuted what if these. read is interesting enough. after the vice president morsi after the revolution back in two thousand and eleven he was part of mubarak he's now on stage and interim president was sworn in at the manhood he is being head of the country's constitution according to the position that he had the only two days and in that claiming in so many he said that he was going to pay homage to him and even posted to the pontiff and the know in terms of who will be the new prime minister of the interim government if the pm abdel bari is the favorite panda to be visible the head of ad hominem in the face of that it is a position he is willing to make happen to be moving with as well as the army but there are critics who do say that ship indeed people make time enough that he will
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be another puppet for the united states the poor when all these people behind you leave here square what sort of future do you think they will be facing. the past year where israelis said quickly what is going on in the rest of the egypt because i came across a very very difficult divided society and there are real concerns that they put the last of them violent between the army and pro bowl to. the muslim brotherhood leaders have issued a statement saying that they are calling for nonviolent they don't want any kind of armed struggle but they we're having statement coming from the grassroots muslim brotherhood supporters of calling for jihad or holy war and the question is whether or not the leadership will be able to have folded and go and the frustration on the street the army is talking about implementing a good match it pass. it has abandoned the constitution of. the
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presidential and parliamentary elections and there was some time after time frame of mind of him that if he were to me that there would again every. question they have had to have a university it was a clash it's not ha ha how office and this is something that people will be watching for thank you very much in the line of. the snow in times square well for further discussion we're joined live now by war correspondent and columnist eric margolis and i trust he's joining us live now eric are you there when i was informed that the air it was going to be joining us live here in r.t. but it looks as if he isn't there at the moment here yes you are there eric i can i can hear your voice but i can't that's can't actually see it so well will through this is a phone conversation as it were. we were just hearing from paul a sliver there that despite all the celebrations in tahrir square the pro muslim
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brotherhood supporters many of them are promising a holy war so just how do you think this is going to pan out because so far it seems to be quite a peaceful transition is it going to stay that way. no i think there will be some fly alliance but at this point i don't see the muslim brotherhood other supporters capable of fighting back against crew the army four hundred forty thousand. untrained for a domestic control. and the egypt police forces who are. of our own who are the new tories for being here to crush this sense street demonstrations so. it's going to be very difficult for the brotherhood to assert itself. bearing in mind this rapid change
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in leadership here and of course a change in the constitution everybody celebrating well not everybody but we see so many people celebrating in tahrir square is it really a democratic process that is taking place specially when we bear in mind that quick change in leadership and the military now getting control. no in my view. as a long time egypt watcher it is nothing to do with democracy in fact we have seen a legitimately elected critic government overthrew. is i think shameful that the western leaders are pussyfooting around the call of the coup. it is not this is an old sanction military coup. disguised popular unrest. and there are many groups who oppose muslim brotherhood government egypt economy is collapsing shortage it's
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a very very thing it's huge and. so this was explosive mixture waiting to run it's the army is in some foreign powers who are involved in engineering but the only has promised this is going to be a transitional period and parliaments does olve and we're going to see fresh elections very soon so this is a transitional process or do you think the army could stay in control for much longer than they would anticipate how many times have we heard army coups promising. actions very soon where only a transition to the hot proceed blab blab blab well the army under mubarak ran for forty years. and once in taste howard blood the military. didn't get out of politics and it is the
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power behind the throne and almost other forces are backed by the army but just briefly what does this say about the islamic movement we've seen in the arab spring the islamic influence has it not now been undermined but what what we're seeing here with the was low. brotherhood collapsing and of course even in turkey looking at anti muslim sentiments where there's a danger people are saying it's turning into an islamic state so is this a big blow to the region as a whole when islamic influence is concerned it is. the you know who was the muslim brotherhood it's treated like the amber the were. terrible like we're going to storm in washington next when in fact the much drilled muslim brotherhood turned out to be. none of the lovers truly in the government of the room. so.
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when the snakes in the air is certain yep it will have to leave it there so thanks so much indeed war correspondent and author live here on r.t. thank you very much indeed cheerio while egypt's crisis may have a tough impact on his neighbors which have already been through destructive civil wars and correspondent from the post keen on he's told us that countries like israel can't make long term plans in such a hazardous environment. but again it's we just have to have a little patience now and wait and see how things play out if you go take some time i think in general you can say a couple things about how israel looks at these types of events israel is adverse to chaos is the verse to unpick debility and i think what this does is this sends the whole region into a certain degree of chaos in a certain degree of predictability which is uncomfortable for israel israel like stability it likes predictability even if those it's dealing with are not
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necessarily favorable to what it however like to know how they're going to act to take syrian president bashar assad for instance very tough relationship with israel over the years but as you kind of knew what he would do knew how we would react now in syria there's complete chaos in egypt also now academy it's tough it's tough for israeli policymakers to look at this and define what to do. when other digits gone full circle back to the el set of the revolution two years ago we're asking how you think it will all end this time we're going to r.t. online voting section to have your say let's see how the opinions divided so far this is the result so far on our online poll most voters believe that the army will do its best to administer the country and till we do see fresh elections just over a quarter say that a consensus is unlikely an egypt will be dragged into further chaos bearing in mind it is a divided nation and some of you think that the army will now keep hold of power now they've got it and the rest claim morsi and the muslim brotherhood are battered
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but not broken it may not be the end that's three percent of you so far at r.t. dot com you can also come up with your own options of what's next for the country in our comments section there on our website. more news more developments from egypt in half an hour from now in the meantime it's the kaiser report. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease that's a twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your waistline
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but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lower scale worries but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought me to flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems rarely have simple solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting into that bathing suit are ironically slim but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the because a report on max kaiser according to the dictionary corny as in mark carney could mean to coax or jewel or act in a wheedling manner now i know you are thinking that sure sounds a whole lot like the definition of a pole dancer and you could indeed be a mark carney the new head of the bank of england as a sort of pole dancer enticing you to take would cash remains in your pocket and stuff it in the collective g.-string of the banking system only in this case what that g.-string wearing financial system flashes back to you in exchange for your hard earned cash is a be don't be don't believe bottom to toxic capital market that let's face it.


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